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Are you interested in getting feedback on your own middle grade or young adult manuscript? You can book a variety of services with me, including development edits, line edits, and query critiques through Darling Axe Editing. Click here to learn more!

Not ready for an edit yet? You can also work with me in one of the writing classes I teach for San Diego Continuing Education. (Did I mention my classes are FREE???) Keep up to date on my writing classes by following me on Twitter (@taramgilboy) or on my Facebook Page.

Here’s what some of my previous clients have said:

Tara Gilboy mentored me through the Booming Ground program at the University of British Columbia. Our focus was writing for children. Tara has so many strengths as a mentor. She frequently provides a list of strengths demonstrated in the writing as well as tangible next steps. Those next steps are always written as suggested action items with clearly delineated strategies to improve the writing. The feedback is always detailed and specific. Expectations are shared with the student (e.g., page count, timelines, roles of student and mentor) and the relationship of mentor and mentee is professional and collaborative. Whenever I read Tara’s feedback both on the manuscript and in the notes, I never felt defeated or crushed. I felt hopeful and energized that I knew what was required to take my writing to the next level. I highly recommend that emerging and even experienced writers consider working with Tara.

— Cindy Matthews

 When I joined Booming Ground’s mentorship program at UBC, I was apprehensive about the personalized critical scrutiny my work would receive. I couldn’t even bring myself to write something new for my first assignment, building instead on a previously written piece. However, my anxiety quickly subsided. I found Tara to be a gentle, but perceptive reviewer. She provided prompt, extensive and constructive feedback that I came to anticipate, because it reinforced my sense of the value of my work, while motivating me to dig deeper and keep learning. The comments I received were both specific enough for me to act upon without confusion, and respectful of my autonomy as a writer. In fact, working with Tara, I came to see myself as a writer and I will always be grateful to her for that.

—Karen Rine

Having Tara work on my manuscript made such a difference to me. I’d published before but was stuck on a novel for middle grade children. I was impressed with her skills. Tara completely understood where I wanted to take the book and sensitively helped me get there by clearly pointing out areas where I was weak and giving me concrete suggestions for re-writing. For example she pointed out where I fell into the trap of telling, not showing, and then she marked places in the manuscript where I’d done just that. Her practical help enabled me to revise and submit the manuscript.

— Beryl Young

Tara Gilboy gave me sharp feedback on everything from character development, plot beats, and even help with grammar. She is a dedicated editor who spent weeks emailing back and forth with me just to get one tough line right. Her encouragement was extremely valuable. Tara picked up on things I’d missed myself, even when I was already into my fourth or fifth draft.

—Ben Beauchemin

I worked with Tara for a period of six months and throughout her feedback on my work was generous and insightful.  Each time she provided extensive notes in addition to marking up my story.  Not only was I able to generate tons of new work, but her feedback also allowed me to revise several pieces into final drafts.  Tara offered insights into problem areas with my writing and now I better know what to look for when revising myself.  The whole experience allowed me to take my writing to a new level and shortly after I ended up with my first publication.  All around Tara is a great mentor – always patient and friendly but offering honest and professional feedback.

—Emily Webber

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